Minnevate! is a dialogue process to build an action agenda for educational leadership in Minnesota.

“This is not a lobbying event. This is not an educators-only event. This is not a policy-makers-only event. This is a grassroots chance for communities to come together and truly envision a future for our kids, supported by our public schools.” –MASA executive director Gary Amoroso

Download the Minnevate! 2013-2014 activity report here.

We live in times of rapid, pervasive change―not just in the technology that affects every part of our lives, but in the fabric of our communities, the expectations of public organizations, the impacts of economic shift, and the interaction of diverse communities locally and globally.

We must prepare our young people for futures that we cannot yet imagine, and we believe Minnesota can lead the way.

The Minnesota Association of School Administrators is engaged in a continuing initiative to bridge the space between our visions for the future of Minnesota’s schools and the realities of today. “Minnevate!” is a dialogue process to build an action agenda for Minnesota educational leadership. We began in early December, 2013, with a statewide kick-off event, and we continued with regional conversations to bring together local ideas and expertise.

As we move forward, we invite your participation in future “Minnevate!” dialogues, and through participation on this website. Everyone is welcome! The Minnevate! website archives this ongoing conversation – with cultivated ideas and media presented in our “ideas” section. Our activity report from the 2013-2014 highlights a set of recommendations for an agenda for action that schools leaders can use to build positive futures for education in Minnesota.

Minnevate! regional event schedule

MASA region map